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  HP Error Codes  

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Error 10 - Supplies Memory Error 10.XX.YY Exact format is dependent on printer model

The printer is unable to read the electronic information (elabel) on the print cartridge. This helps track page count and life of consumable.
XX Description 00 memory error on the cartridge or 01 memory device not found
10.00.00 Black print cartridge
10.00.01 Cyan print cartridge
10.00.02 Magenta print cartridge
10.00.03 Yellow print cartridge

  1. Supplies used in newer printer models contain a memory chip. The information contained on this chip is dependent on the printer model and the supply. The error 10 indicates a problem with the printer obtaining the information from this chip. The chip may be missing or defective or contain incorrect information. There may be a problem with connection between the memory chip and DC controller. Turn the printer off/on to attempt to clear or reset the message. Remove and reinstall the supply, replace the supply.
  2. Paper tray empty or not seated correctly. A buildup of toner on the edges of the tray which slide into the printer can sometimes cause problems. Take a sharp tool, like a razor blade and scrape the buildup off these edges.
  3. Sensor Arm Stuck or Broken - check for free movement of the sensor arm. On the LJ4/4M/4+/4M+ the sensor flag can get knocked out of place when a paper jam occurs and the tray is pulled out abruptly. Most times this can simply be reinstalled. If it's broken, you will need to replace the sensor flag.
  4. Defective Tray Size Sensing or Configuration - Most trays have tabs which depress a series of switches when installed. Verify that the tabs aren't damaged and that the tray switches located in the printer are not damaged. You can depress these by hand and hear them click. Occasionally the contact for the micro switch will get bent and will have to be replaced. Also verify the configuration through the menus on the printer.
  5. Paper path door (IIP/IIIP) or top cover open. On the IIP/IIIP this can be caused by a defective toner cartridge, defective cooling fan, PS4 or PS5 sensors. Also caused by the density adjusting PCA located behind the density adjusting slide switch. This board takes the input from the two sensors and provides info to the DC controller. If the board becomes defective, you will receive an error 12. Easily replaced after removing the top cover and three wiring harness connectors. If you want to attempt board level repair try the electrolytic capacitor, C702, 10 uF 50 VDC. On the 4P/5P printers, the top cover is open or no toner cartridge is installed. This error can also be caused by a defective interlock switch assembly.

  1. Replace the memory chip cable/connector or the DC controller.

    Error 10.32.00 Unauthorized Supply
    Alternates with for help press "?" - A new non-HP supply has been installed this message continues until you press the check button or install an HP supply item



  1. Defective Paper Control Sensor PCB - These do fail and will need to be replaced.

    Error 12 Printer Open

  1. On the Laserjet 4/4+ an error 12 can indicate the top cover open or a broken tab on the cover assembly. On rare occasions a defective paper control assembly or actuator can cause this problem. Verify the tab on the cover is not broken.


Error 13 Paper Jam

Error Message Forms: 13.XX.YZ - additonal location info on display or 13.XX.YY - a jam exists in the media path

Paper jams can be in the pickup from the tray, inside printer at toner cartridge, inside at the fuser, in duplex assembly if so equiped
XX = Jam Code - a jam exists in the paper path many models, location indicated by XX and YY
Y = Device Number
Z = Device Type
Possible Locations: Tray 1, Tray 2, Tray 3, Rear Door, Top Cover, Jam 13.13.00 indicates a jam in the duplexer assembly

13.13 - Jam inside duplexer
13.1C.00 - A jam exists in the fuser area

  1. Check the paper, make sure it meets the paper specifications for your printer. Tractor feed paper with the edges ripped off doesn't seem to work very well. Extremely heavy or thick paper is also a problem. Check the HP paper specification guide for more info. Be careful with labels, use only labels designed to take the heat generated by the fuser assembly. Regular labels my 'ooze' adhesive as they pass through the fuser assembly and literally gum up the works! Also check for any partially peeled labels, this can be a disaster if they come off inside the printer.
  2. Check the paper path for toner or paper dust buildup. Look for bits of paper lodged in the path particularly around the sensors. 4L/4P printers can have paper stuck in the pickup area which is accessed by removing the screw over the oblique roller cover.
  3. You may have a worn pickup roller. Check the feed and separation rollers in the printer and in the tray. Look for smooth or cracked worn surfaces. Sometimes you can clean a pickup roller and get a little more life miles out of them but when you start to get jams with a smudge on the top middle of the page, it's time to replace the roller. If your machine uses a paper separation pad, a small rubber or cork material pad check for a smooth surface without any friction. This pad needs to provide friction to the feeding paper. If worn, replace.
  4. Is the paper size correct? Is the software set for the size you're using? Is the menu set for the size you're using? Check these items. If the software tells the printer to expect a different size (legal, A4, COM10) than the tray available, you will get an error. This can happen when printing a FAX document formatted for A4 size paper.
  5. You could also have a defective or dirty exit sensor. Replace or clean as needed.
  6. Make sure the paper cassettes are installed correctly and adjustments are set properly. A buildup of toner on the edges of the tray which slides into the printer can sometimes cause problems. Take a sharp tool, like a razor blade and scrape the buildup off these edges.
  7. Bad drive gears. Again on the LJII/III we are starting to see more and more failures of the gear drive assembly. A broken tooth on one gear is all it takes. Replace this as an assembly.
  8. Listen for the motor operation, make sure it's operational. If not replace the motor or drive circuit as required.

ERROR 14 No EP Cartridge or No Toner Cartridge

  • No toner cartridge or cartridge not fully seated - pull it out and install it again. On the IIP/IIIP the connections for the high voltage are made on the left side of the printer so you may want to favor that side as you install the cartridge.
  • On the II and III Series printers, this error message can be caused by a faulty paper control PCA. This is the board mounted to the DC power supply which is in the right front corner of the printer. Press the spring contacts and listen for the micro switches. You should hear a definite clicking.
  • On the II and III Series and the IIISi/4Si, make sure at least one of the two drum sensitivity tabs are present. These are small rectangular blocks of plastic which contact the switches in the printer.
  • On the 4V/4MV check the toner cartridge micro switch on the High Voltage PCB - SW501.
  • Also on the 4V/4MV check the door open sensor (PS402) on the terminal board located under the transfer roller.
  • Can also be caused by a defective DC controller. Pretty rare though.

Error 16 Toner Low

  • Toner cartridge is empty or toner in cartridge is not distributed evenly. Gently shake the toner cartridge both from side to side and from front to back. This can generally get you 100 or so more pages.
  • Bad or dirty cartridge contacts. Look for the conductive contacts on the cartridge and the corresponding contacts in the printer and make sure they are clean and free of contaminants.
  • Defective High Voltage power supply or on the LJ II/III the DC controller to High Voltage power supply can be defective. Check for opens on the cable.
  • IIISi/4Si check the door open sensor flag, PS1. Also check the toner level sensor and the toner cartridge itself for damage. It can also be caused by a defective DC controller. You can verify this by substituting a known good DC controller if possible.

Error 18 MIO Not Ready

  • The printer is not connected to a LAN when it's expecting to see a LAN. Terminate the port on the printer with a BNC T and two 50 ohm termination's.
  • The MIO card is defective or maybe just not seated correctly. Remove the card and reseat it, try swapping with a know good card from another printer. Replace if necessary.


Error 20 Memory Overflow / Insufficient Memory

  • A large print job has exceeded the memory capacity of the printer. Verify that the SIMMS or memory cards are seated. Add memory or simplify the print job.
  • Add memory to printer or reduce complexity of print job
  • On the 5P turn the image adapt and page protect to ON or AUTO. These can be set within the Remote Control Panel. Press GO to resume printing.
  • On the 5L, set the Enhanced I/O to AUTO (PCL mode) and resend the print job.
  • Press Select button to resume printing, some data loss will occur, you will need to add memory or reduce the complexity of the print job.

Error 21 Print Overrun

  • The print job is to complex. Simplify the job by removing font changes etc.
  • On the 4/4M/4+ and 5: The print job is to complex, enable page protect from the control panel and from the software. You may need additional memory.
  • 4L Same thing with to much data or the page is to complex. Simplify the print job. Turn the image adapt and page protect to ON or AUTO either from the control panel or from within HP Explorers Remote Control Panel.
  • 5P/5Si Same as above, Press GO to resume printing.
  • Make page less complex and retry. Back

Error 22 Error/ I/O Config Error/ Par I/O Error/MIO Error

  • 22 EIO X BUFFER OVERFLOW The EIO card in slot X has overflowed it's buffer and data loss will occur
  • 22 EIO X BUFFER OVERFLOW - The printer parallel buffer has overflowed during a busy state.
  • I/O configuration for the computer or printer is incorrect. Configure is properly.
  • Check I/O Cable, it could be the wrong cable or damaged.
  • To much data sent to the I/O port - clear data with GO or Continue, data may be lost
  • Is the computer on?!
  • How about the I/O port - damaged, seated properly, pins not bent?
  • 4+/5P/5 The computer and printer aren't talking because of improper signal protocols. Could be a bad cable or loose connection or just a poor quality cable. Reseat the cable and use only high quality IEEE 1284 compliant cables.
  • 5Si Are you using a non-HP MIO device?Back

Error 23 I/O Not Ready

  • ALL PRINTERS The I/O card is not accepting data. May not be connected - check cabling - or it may be defective. Reseat the card and if available, swap with a known working card. Watch the termination's on the network cabling.Back

Error 24 Job Memory Full

  • The print job is too complex to be processed. Laser printers are page printers and require the entire page to be processed before beginning to print. Simplify the print job by removing font changes and/or graphics. Add more memory.

Error 30 PS Error 16

  • ALL PRINTERS An I/O time-out or a prompt for user interaction like a manual feed has been exceeded. Check the I/O connections and make sure the proper media is being used.

Error 30 PS Error 16

  • ALL PRINTERS This is an unexpected PostScript firmware error. Reseat the PostScript SIMM and/or replace it.

Error 30 PS Error XX

  • ALL PRINTERS PCL file was sent to the printer while in PostScript mode or the PostScript file contains bad data, or you have experienced and application error (crash). You need to check the configuration of your printer and drivers, reset the printer, try issuing an initialization command from within the application. May need to reload your PostScript print driver file.


  • Make sure computer and printer are set to the same baud rates. Reset as needed.
  • Is the computer powered off!
  • Check the MIO card, remove, clean contacts, reinstall. Replace if defective
  • An abnormal connection break may have occurred during data transfer - Press Continue or Go to clear this error message.


  • Momentary error, press "Continue" or "GO" to reset the printer
  • 5L/6L Power Cycle the printer if error continues reseat the DC controller to Formatter
  • 5P/6P Occurs if printer picks up two sheets of paper at once. Check pickup rollers and separation pad clean as needed. Replace if problem persists
  • IIIP/IIP/IIP+ Paper feed problem - check feed/pickup rollers for movement and wear. Replace as needed
  • IIP S/N between 2925J00000 and 3047J99999 replace fuser assembly


X= 1,2,4,5 A temporary error occured - Press "CONTINUE" to clear.
41.3 Error - Unexpected paper size - more than one sheet of paper picked up. May be feed problem. The media that is loaded does not match the settings of the paper tray. Can also indicate a mis feed or paper not being picked up.


This indicates a communication problem between the formatter PCA and an optional interface installed (such as a network card). Remove and reseat the optional interface card. If the problem continues, remove the optional interface card and set the printer for standard parallel interface by taking off-line and holding down "Menu" key for 5-10 seconds. Scroll through items until "I/O =" appears and use the +/- key to display parallel and the enter key to select. Then put the printer back online and send a test job from the host computer via the parallel cable. If this is successful, you have a problem with the optional I/O card and should replace it or reset it.

A critical firmware error has occurred that caused the processor on the formatter to abort the operation. This type of error can be caused by invalid print commands, corrupt data, or invalid operations. In some instances, electrical noise in the cable can corrupt data during transmission to the printer. Other causes include poor quality parallel cables, poor connections, or specific software programs. Remove all EIO devices and firmware DIMM if installed. Restart printer. If error is gone replace each EIO device until error appears. Replace device which triggers error. May also be formatter.

Firmware updates are available for some machines at http://hp.com and clicking on the drivers and software tab. Also try printing from a different application. If that works go back to the first application and try printing a different file to determine if the problem is file related. You may need to reseat the memory DIMM's or replace the firmware DIMM or formatter board.

ERROR 50.XXX (Fuser Error)

ERROR 51 (Loss of beam detect)
This is a beam detect error indicating a problem with the laser scanner. Power cycle the printer. On some printers you can press the select button to try to continue. You can reseat the connectors to the scanner assembly and the control board. Generally you will need to replace the laser scanner and ocassionaly the DC controller PCA

Error 55

On IIISi/4Si Printers this is due to the DC controller not receiving the proper information upon startup. Check the connectors on the DC controller and power supply. If you don't hear the motor immediately and you don't have a paper jam, change the power supply.

Error 57

  • 6P/5P/5 Main motor problem, check gear train for binding. Check connections to DC controller - replace main motor
  • 4L/4 Main motor problem, check gear train for binding. Replace main motor
  • IIIP/IIP+/IIP Error 57-1 Incompatible memory can be either top or bottom slot. Also check motor cable connections. Replace main motor. Can also be DC controller.
  • 5Si/4+/4Si/IIISi (X=2, 3 or 4) Fan motor faulty, check fan number X or duplexor fan and replace as necessary
  • 5 Main motor failure - replace main motor
  • 4+ 57.1 Gears are siezed, motor is bad or DC controller is bad
  • 4Si/IIISi 57.1 Gears siezed, faulty top cover switch, faulty AC interlock switch, J010 loose or faulty, bad main motor PCA
  • LJ 4000/405 An error occurred with the Fan’s motor. X = Description
    4 Printer Fan 7 Duplex Fan
    1. Check the Fan’s connector and make sure the Fan is not blocked.
    2. Replace the Fan.
  • LJ 4250/4300/4350 A printer fan is not funtioning. Power cycle the printer.
  • LJ 5100 A temporary printing error occurred. x = description 1—printer fan
    1. Check the fan connector and make sure that the fan is not blocked.
    2. Replace the fan.
  • LJ8100/8150 A fan motor failure occurred. All fans are enabled to low speed operation
    at power on. Fans will go into high speed operation during the print cycle.
    X Description
    2 Fan 3 - Formatter Fan (intake)
    3 Fan 2 - Laser/scanner (exhaust)
    5 Fan 1 -Low-voltage power supply (exhaust)
    6 Fan 4 - Face-down delivery (exhaust)
    9 Fan 5 - Tray 1 fan
  • A temporary printing error occurred in one of the printer fans. X represents the fan motor number associated with the error. For example, 1 = fan motor 1. Power the printer off/on to clear error. Replace appropriate fan as needed.Back

Error 58

  • 4/4L/4P/4V/5/5P Check the fan cable - reseat cable or replace fan
  • 4V/4MV Defective DC controller board - replace
  • IIISi/4Si Error 58.1 & 58.2 Improperly seated paper cassette
  • 4Si/IIISi 58.1/58.2 Paper cassette is impoperly inserted
  • 5Si 58.X Tray/Lifter Malfunction if X=1: Tray 2 lifter, X=2: Tray 3 lifter, X=3: Tray 1 lifter, X=4: Tray 4 lifter Press SELECT to continue
  • A printer power source problem Laserjet 1000/1150/1300/2300/3300/4100/4200/4300/5000/5100/8150/9000 Series- To resolve problems with the power supply:
    1 Remove the printer from any UPS supplies, additional power supplies, or power strips. Plug the printer into a wall outlet and see if this resolves the problem.
    2 If the printer is already plugged into a wall outlet, try another power source in the building that is independent of the one currently being used.
    The line voltage and current source at the printer location might need to be inspected to ensure that they meet the electrical specifications for the printer.

ERROR 59 Add Memory

  • 4Si/IIISi Not enough memory for PostScript option. Verify SIMM's are seated properly, replace any defective
  • 5Si 59.X Main motor malfunciton X=1: Main motor startup failure, X=2: Main motor rotation
  • 59.XY 4200/4300 Series Main motor failure, check wiring harness Replace main motor, replace DC controller PCA
  • 59.A or 59.4 EP Motor Failure - Replace print cartridge motor (LJ 4300 ONLY)


ERROR 60.2 Tray2 Lifter Motor Not Functioning

  • Power cycle the printer (OFF/ON)
  • Verify that the tray 2 lifter wire-harness is full seated in its connector on the dc controller PCA
  • Replace Tray 2 lifter drive assembly
  • Replace DC controller PCA


62.0 Service, 62.1-4 Service, 62.5 Service, 62.6 Service All Printers

  • 1. Improperly seated SIMMs or font cartridge - remove, check/clean contacts re-install and try again. Try with SIMMs or font cartridge removed to be sure error clears.
  • 2. Defective Internal Memory - Replace Formatter PCA, check all cables first!

  • ERROR 67 Defective formatter PCA
  • On the 4Si this could be a temporary error which can be corrected by cycling the power
  • 4V/4MV - This can also be a temporary error or a defective paper guide plate assembly. A switch on this assembly may not be activated properly. You can remedy this by replacing the paper guide plate assembly, RG5-2248-030. Caution needs to be used when installing the new assembly - be careful of the sensor flag spring!
  • 5Si - Can be caused by field replaceable units (FRU's) not installed correctly. Check and reinstall.

Error 79

  • Software/drivers, Memory PCA's, Font-Macro-Personality Cartridges, option I/O Cards. Defective toner cartridge in the Laserjet 4 Plus only. Remove any accessories (font cartridges, memory PCA's, SIMMs, etc.) plugged into the formatter card and try again. If the problem persists and is application specific, verify proper setup with application vendor.
  • Defective Formatter PCA - Replace with known operational board and try again.
    Firmware Update - The configuration page lists the firmware version of the product. Depending on the model, a firmware DIMM may need replacing or a flash update. On flash-memory-based products, you can update the firmware code by downloading the latest flash executable file for the product and running the program according to the readme instructions posted with the update file. If the firmware should become corrupted or fail (usually because of an interruption when attempting to update the firmware), the product will no longer function. In this case, a firmware recovery DIMM is available.
  • Reseat DIMM, then Formatter - Replace or flash DIMM then formatterck


  • ALL Printers
    The EIO card in slot X has encountered a critical error -power cycle, reseat card then
    replace card if needed. Can also be formatter PCA.
    Improper MIO connection - look at pins on formatter MIO connection reseat card.
    Defective MIO Card - Replace card
    Defective Formatter Card - Replace card


All Printers (except 5L/6L)
The PostScript ROM's have bent or broken pins inspect the pins and reseat if necessary
Check to see that the ROM SIMM's are in the proper location and oriented properly
This can also be a temporay error, try power cycling the printer
The PostScript ROM's/SIMM are defective

EIO ERROR The EIO accessory card has encountered a critical error.

X represents the error location and can equal one of the following:
1 = Slot number 1
2 = Slot number 2
3 = Slot number 3
6 = Card in slot number 1
7 = Card in slot number 2
8 = Card in slot number 3
YYYY represents the error code.
1 Turn the printer power off, and then turn the printer power on.
2 Turn the printer power off, reseat the EIO accessory in slot [X], and then turn the
printer power on.
3 Turn the printer power off, remove the EIO accessory from slot [X], install it in a
different EIO slot, and then turn the printer power on.
4 Replace the EIO accessory in slot [X].







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